New Item: Character Bouquets from RBK Creations

We love a challenge! We also love when we get to try something new for a bouquet order.

I usually keep a running list of types of bouquets I want to make, or different techniques I would like to try. I don’t always have the time to try these things out. Other bouquet orders and life in general keep us pretty busy. When those ideas and a bridal order collide, we get pretty excited around here at RBK Creations.

One of those situations happened awhile back with our Mario bouquet. We have been wanting to do different shapes (not just our standard flower shapes) for some time now. When the bride mentioned that her soon-to-be husband loved Mario we threw so many ideas back and forth. The end result:

 fire flower

The fire flower and mushroom bouquet!

Bridal, geeky love! We were so happy we could create this for our bride. And the best part, her husband was surprised by the bouquet and his very own fire flower boutonniere.

fire flower 3

Another order we were able to work on was this past summer. We had a Texas bride who was having a muppets themed wedding. Fun!! How can you not smile and be overly happy when you see these:

muppets 1  Full Muppets Order. Kermit and Miss Piggy were later added into the Bridal Bouquet.


muppets 2 ANIMAL!!!!!

muppets 4

muppets 5

We have plans for more character/themed bouques in the works. But I can’t ruin that surprise! You will just have to wait and see! 

Are there any characters or themes you would like to see RBK create????

 Another version we have done since of the Mario bouquetnew mario

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