Win an autographed copy of Final Destination 5

Oh how the time flies. I quickly glanced at the last post…July 2011.. I quickly logged in to WordPress so I didn’t have to look at my lack of blogging any more! A lot has been going on in the past six months or so. In August, I moved to Plano, TX, just 15 minutes away but that took a lot of time that I would have normally been blogging! We also had a crazy rush of orders for September – November. Then of course the Holiday season kicks in at full speed. It almost takes the whole month of January to recover from!

We are now on to spring weddings. Summer Weddings and planning for two bridal show events. We had a booth at the McKinney Texas Performing Arts Center at the end of January that was amazing and a real blast. Can’t wait for the other shows in March and April.

Anyway, back to the point of this post!

On August 10th we had a boutonniere worn by actor Arlen Escarpeta at the red carpet premiere of Final Destination 5. He has been on numerous television shows including, NCIS, Law and Order, and Mental. He was also in Friday the 13th. Check out his IMDB page. And on a cool, side note.. Arlen and his beautiful wife were on David Tutera’s show, My Fair Wedding. See, it all comes back to the bridal world in one way or another!

We were so excited that Arlen contacted us for this boutonniere. It was this piece:

This boutonniere was originally created for a Day of the Dead photo shoot back in June with Kio Kreations, Hazelton Photography and Blend Beauty.  This boutonniere definitely fit in with the movie, Final Destination 5. It also really tied together the outfit Arlen wore for the premiere.


The Red Carpet Premiere was featured as a live web feed and of course we had to watch. It is a very surreal feeling to have something you created featured in that way.

The movie came out at the end of December. I went and got three copies. One for myself, one for Brenda (the other half of RBK!) and then an extra copy. Arlen was crazy awesome and agreed to sign all three copies and let me offer one up as a giveaway.

This is where you all come in! Want to win a copy? It is a full version. It has the regular DVD version, Blu-ray and Digital Copy. It is signed both on the outside cover and the insert in the front of the case. See the entry rules below:

  • Comment on this post with your favorite horror film. Since the boutonniere was all about skulls lets hear what movie scares you! Make sure your email address is entered correctly so I can contact you if you win.
  • Comment again after you have become a fan of RBK Creations on Facebook. If you are already a fan, just send a message stating that you are.
  • Follow Arlen on Twitter. Then post another comment after you have followed him.
  • Blog about this giveaway! Share the news! Post another comment with the link to your blog.

That is four possible entries. Get out there and share this giveaway! Enter like crazy and good luck!

I will draw the winner on Saturday, February 18th. The winner will be emailed that night at 10pm CST. If I do not hear back from the winner in 48 hours with a shipping address, another winner will be chosen.

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11 Responses to “Win an autographed copy of Final Destination 5”

  1. sergio says:

    My favorite horror movies are the final destinatons! but my favorite was the 5 one !

  2. sergio says:


  3. sergio says:

    NOW IM A FAN :D*

  4. Bill Seeger says:

    5 was the juiciest.

  5. Michelle R. says:

    My favorite horror movie of all time is Hellraiser II: Hellbound. It still creeps me out!

  6. Michelle R. says:

    I’m following Arlen on Twitter. @RogersMichL

  7. Ronald O. says:

    There are so many horror films I love! And the Final Destination films are at the top of my list! However, my pick for favorite horror film would be ‘The Exorcist’ (1973), simply because it was the first horror film that scared me the most when I was a kid! And it STILL holds up really well, even to this day!

  8. Ronald O. says:

    I am now a FAN RBK Creations on Facebook.

  9. Ronald O. says:

    I’m following Arlen Escarpeta on Twitter.


  10. Ronald O. says:

    Sharing and posting about this giveaway on Facebook.!/profile.php?id=1561580536

  11. Michael Lee says:

    My favorite horror film is Night of the Living Dead (1990), the in-color remake directed by Tom Savini. Not much scares me in the way of horror. Paranormal Activity (the first, not the sequels) made me VERY uncomfortable, but that’s about as far as it goes with me! 🙂

    I’m already a fan on Facebook, and I’m following Arlen from @sickhousehorror. Will post about the giveaway later this evening. 😉

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