Photography by Catie Ronquillo

In the past couple of months, we have been fortunate to meet a lot of new local vendors. Since RBK Creations mostly deals with brides from all over the US and the world, we hadn’t developed that local presence like we wanted to. It was so easy NOT being in contact with local photographers (other than the awesome Brandi Thompson who I have known for a couple years now!) or planners since we didn’t work with them face-to-face. To date, I think we have only had two or three local weddings, one local quinceanera and a couple small table arrangement size pieces go out.

When I was contacted by a couple local wedding vendors to create a bouquet for a photo shoot, I was all over that! It was my way to get involved locally and of course meet new people. I would like to introduce you all to one of those people involved in the shoot. Her name is Catie Ronquillo. She is a super sweet photographer that took the photos of our bouquet below. Before I met her in person I had actually read her blog on many occasions. The bio on her site says she is: “Genuine. Lively. Fun. Silly. Quirky. Laid Back.” And that is exactly what she is! It has been great getting to know her and I look forward to more collaborations in the future!

Catie describes her style as, “… a mix of fresh, clean images shot in natural light. I love capturing all the details that the bride and groom have put into personalizing their wedding. I also love to shoot as the moments unfold and grabbing candid photos. I strive to create photos that directly reflect your personality through my lens.” Take a look for yourself!

Beautiful engagement photos taken by Catie

Stunning Bridal photos

I love when photographers can capture pure happiness!

And now, here are some photos of the bouquet we created. It was a satin/button bouquet with the addition of sparkle filled brooches. I used a couple new techniques with this bouquet that I have been dying to share!

Check out all that bling! She did a great job capturing the sparkle in this bouquet.

The handle is my favorite part of the whole bouquet. Wiring all of those seed beads was quite the challenge but I think it paid off in the end.

And she got some great close up photos. Some of the brooches are vintage and some are just in a vintage style!

All photos taken by Catie Ronquillo. Make sure you check out her site, blog and her facebook page! And, Catie, Thank you so much for the great photos and look forward to working with you again soon!

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2 Responses to “Photography by Catie Ronquillo”

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! 🙂 Your bouquets are fabulous!

  2. Ariela says:

    Your photos are fabulous! 🙂 It was really great working with you! Hopefully we can do more fabulous shoots in the future!