October in Review

We have been working away on bridal orders. We booked a lot of orders for October weddings and as of yesterday, we shipped out the last one for the month! It was a very busy month. I didn’t know that many people got married in October. Learn something new every day!

Each Monday I take my big blue Ikea re-useable bag to work and ship off box after box. I have not had a chance to post my usual weekend updates.

Here are a few photos of the past couple of weeks.

Top: A start of a great set of bouquets. This is the bride bouquet and it has black, pewter grey and white satin. It is dark yet very elegant.
Bottom, L to R: 1. Fall colored Felt Boutonnieres, we had a lot of fall colors to work with this year!
2. A custom set of button cuff links. A very neutral color combination for every day wear, and a super sweet anniversary gift!
3. Another felt fall order. This had fun pops of purple, skulls, leaves and so much more.

Top: 1. I have had a lot of orders for pillows lately. They are a lot of fun to make. This specific one has a mix of purple ribbon and felt flowers.
2. Pink Pink Pink! We are continuing to make pink items for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This bouquet has been re-created a lot and still a favorite.
3. A fun set of bouquets for a Vegas wedding on Halloween. The colors are so bright and fun
Bottom: Red, black and ivory bouquets. Very classic yet dark and mysterious.

Don’t forget to check out the giveaway that is taking place until November 1st. There are many ways to get extra entries. Make sure to spread the word.

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4 Responses to “October in Review”

  1. Brandi says:

    These are all so awesome, love the color combos!

  2. Ariela says:

    Thanks Brandi! We worked with so many great fall colors this year!

  3. Marie-Eve says:

    I dont know anyone arround me who has or had any kinda cancer but I m aware of it and to support the cause I always carry a breast cancer pink gadget awerness…It s always good to start a conversation a spread the words…

  4. Marie-Eve says:

    just went to *Like* you on facebook…
    I love your work; your technic is awesome!