RBK Loves Kio Kreations!!!

I am so excited to show everyone some teaser photos from a project I have been working on.

When I first started making button stems, one of the first things I did was put them in a vase with some flowers. That arrangement is still sitting on a shelf in my room. I love the look of fresh florals with a whimsical touch, something unexpected. Over the past couple of years I have had brides order loose stems to put with their fresh flowers. It is perfect for a bride who still views the wedding as super traditional, loves flowers but wants to stand out a little bit. By creating bouquet alternatives, I know it isn’t for everyone. Hopefully this type of arrangement will allow more and more brides to get the ‘something unique’ they are going for on their big day!

So, I have this concept and  I have created some things on my own but never anything that could truly be considered a bridal bouquet. Sure, I could go get some flower stems, throw them together and call it a day. I can tell you now, it would look NOTHING like what I am about to show you.

I didn’t start searching for a florist for quite some time. We have had a pretty busy year (thank you amazing brides!) so it was put to the side. At first I wanted to work with someone local but when I met Kristen I knew she would be a perfect match for this project. I met Kristen through Flickr of all places! She contacted me, simply saying she liked the bouquets. I was stunned to see a fresh floral person so accepting of the non-traditional bouquet. I also liked how she used her own non-traditional items and mixed them in (some different fabric flowers and other fun materials on the handles of the bouquets). 

We made a plan, we talked colors and types of flowers. I then created a bunch of stems with two different color combinations. Each set had its own completely different feel. Kristen has a photographer she works with and was available for the shoot.

The following photos are only teasers! There are so many more that I will be sharing later in the month/Early October during its official release. Hold on to your pants ladies and gents! These photos are stunning!

These photos make me smile: ear to ear! And yes, RBK Creations + Kio Creations = AWESOMENESS!

(Photo from Kio Kreations, Photography by Tara Etrheim)


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