Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. It has finally started to cool down here in Texas and it is very much appreciated! We had a full week of not using the portable air conditioner (in addition to the central air in the house).

The whole weekend was spent in the studio but I am so proud of all we got finished! We really needed this extra day. The day is almost over but I thought I would share a few things that we worked on this past weekend.

I was able to get the red/black/gold/leopard satin order finished this weekend. I just love the little hints of leopard. They are subtle but very fun and playful at the same time. There are numerous pieces of this order that I have posted previously.

This is the last piece of the leopard order that I had left to do. It is a custom piece, just for this bride! Where leopard is subtle in other pieces, for the flower girl (and ring bearer) it is all about the leopard print!

Over this past week we were also able to finish up this organza order. Bright red, a light blue and ivory. The organza gives the bouquet a very fluent look. There are a lot of rhinestone and vintage buttons in this set.

This is the toss bouquet. We added a fun red polka dot ribbon. The organza colors were also mixed on this bouquet where the bride was all red and the bridesmaid was all blue.

This order is a fun mix of yellow, ivory and grey. We also created the stems a little bit different for this set. The bride wanted the bouquet to look like she picked the flowers in a field right before the ceremony. More of a wild flower look. I really like how it turned out. It is a nice mix of something hand made and something natural.

The mix of colors are nice as well. For fall I really like ivory, grey and yellow together.

I just love this ivory satin bouquet. And the bride it is getting sent to, is so sweet. She has said the nicest things and has been a true pleasure to work with. We fit in the order for her even though we got pretty booked up. It was so worth it and I can’t wait to see the photos from her October wedding!

The bridesmaid bouquet is a great mix of deep and bright purples with some great black and purple buttons. In the bride bouquet there is a hint of gold glitter tulle while in the bridesmaid there is a bright purple glitter tulle. This is a set that I am sad to see leave as it is so pretty to look at!

We have recreated this bouquet quite a few times but this time it has ivory instead of white. Mostly, I just like this photo so I thought I would share!

This bouquet is a great mix of a clover green and a rosy pink. I added in some ivory buttons and some ivory daisies. This little bouquet will be a gift. I love when people spead the button love!

The last photo is of a set of bridesmaid felt pomanders. A great mix of orange, ivory and purple. I think I have posted these before but I added in some tulle and buttons to the poms. I used the same purple glitter tulle as the satin bouquet above. Soon I will have some photos of the bride bouquet that matches!

It was a great weekend and I am so grateful for the extra day off of the day job. Tomorrow, however, will be a very long day!


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One Response to “Happy Labor Day!”

  1. Cortney says:

    I love that my bridesmaid poms are on the blog! I can’t wait to see everything else. You two are so talented and creative. I love seeing the other orders come together as well. We are some lucky brides to have you working with us!!!! Have a great week.