Is it Fall Yet?

This Texas heat is getting to be a pain in the neck! I think it is definitely time for fall and for it to cool down around here. Sadly, there are a few months left of the heat.

The heat didn’t stop us from getting a lot done this weekend. It was nice to be able to get through some orders and get a lot of photos taken to share with everyone. We have a lot of October weddings this year. I am glad there are two of us to get through all of them! We are working on the last few details on some September weddings including this first order.

This bouquet is a mix of silver, white, hot pink, turquoise, a medium pink and a light blue. It is really a fun mix of colors yet still elegant. I have a bunch of centerpiece stems to finish up on this order. They will be brighter and full of color!

This is the Bride’s Bouquet

Father Boutonnieres. They look like lollipops!

The next photo is a yellow, orange and ivory felt bouquet. I really like how bright this bouquet is, yet perfect for an early fall wedding. This is a centerpiece bouquet. There will be more to this order here in the next couple of weeks.

Next is another satin order. I was able to slip this order into my schedule and I am so glad I did. I have wanted to make an all ivory satin bouquet for a long time now. There are also black, charcoal, gold and deep purple accents. I used some gold tulle and it just catches the light. Subtle, yet when it shows it is so much fun.

We are starting to get orders for spring and summer of next year. It is always great to see the colors brides are going with. I know this year the bright turquoise blues were very popular. I know that trend will stay around for quite awhile. Here are a few sample stems for a wedding next year.

This weekend we were also able to get a few small bouquet orders completed. They are both the flower girl/toss bouquet size. This first bouquet/boutonniere combo is for a photographer. She is planning on having it available as a prop for photo shoots in their studio. The green, grey and white are the colors from their logo.

This next felt bouquet is a birthday present. It has shades of purple and green. There are a lot of vintage buttons in this bouquet to giveĀ it a little more personality.

And the last update is an organza set of bouquets for a lovely Australian bride. Her bouquet is a mix of white and ivory while the bridesmaid bouquets are champagne and ivory. I shaded some of the stems from these bouquets last week. They are finished and soon to be on their way down under.

Hope everyone else had a good/productive weekend. Make sure to stop back tomorrow to learn a little more about the owners of RBK Creations!

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