New Item – Felt Flower Girl Wand

In the last post I shared a photo of a pink and green flowergirl headband. The little flower girls will also be carrying a new item we have created. The two little girls will each have one of these felt and button wands. They look like our other felt flowers, however, they are about 4-5 times larger than a single stem. 

The flowers measure at about 7 inches wide and have 5 layers of embroidered felt. The ribbon hanging off is for rings, as these flower girls will be playing the part of ring bearers as well. This is a great option for the couples that don’t have a young boy or relative to be a ring bearer.

These can be created in any color. I am really liking the color that this bride has picked for her wedding. The pink and green are so sweet together and the white is a nice accent. It was a lot of fun doing the stitching on these flowers (there are two of them).

We love creating new items. If you have an idea for a custom item  you would like to see, just drop us a line! I will be introducing a few new items here in the next couple of weeks including some great fall time bouquets and decor.

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