A Real RBK Wedding – Kelda and Callum

Last month I featured the wedding of Emma and Brandon. It was great to be able to showcase their wedding, the photographer and the happy couple. As I receive photos and stories from past brides, these posts will continue! My favorite part of the whole process is seeing that the bride (and the family and friends) are happy with what we created. That means the most! 

This next bride had so many personal touches added to her bouquet. I was so happy to see the photos from her big day. The smile on her face, made me smile. Kelda and Callum met on MySpace, but actually realized that they had a few friends in common! The only lived nine miles apart and had never met until then. They are also in the same field of work. It is crazy how the world works sometimes! 


Read on as Kelda explains her 12-28-09 wedding and what went in to planning it.   

 What was the theme of your wedding? What colors did you use/what was the overall feel of the big day? 

“There wasn’t really a theme – We’re not as ‘theme-y’ in Scotland as you are in the United States, but quirky probably sums it up. It was winter time, which most people don’t go for. The Bridesmaid Dresses were a crisp wintery navy blue colour too. We had the button bouquets. We had a humanist wedding (and basically wrote the whole service so it was quite fun and laid back. 


I play in a brass band and have done so since I was a kid. So we had my brass band play Christmas carols as the guests arrived. Then while I walked down the aisle, they played a Scottish song, Caledonia. While we signed the register they played another tune about a cat (we have a pet cat!) and on our way out, they played the James Bond Theme.  


Because we got engaged at the Taj Mahal, our table names were Bollywood film names (all love stories!) 


Our daytime favours, only for the females, were wooden Christmas tree baubles with the date of our wedding on them. And we had a roulette table at the evening reception, rather than favours.” 

What was the location of your wedding? 

“Snowy Scotland! We got married at the Burnhouse Manor Hotel in Ayrshire, Scotland on a gorgeous winter, snowy day.”


What was your favorite part of planning the wedding? 

“Do you know, I can’t pick anything in particular, but the bouquets were definitely up there with planning the ceremony, and picking the brass band tunes, and Bollywood table names and deciding to have the roulette table! These little things I found more fun than picking the dress and the venue I’d say!” 

What types of items did you receive from RBK Creations? What was your favorite piece?  

“We had my bouquet, 4 Bridesmaid Bouquets and 2 Flower Girl Bouquets 


I loved my bouquet because you added in lace leaves from my Gran’s wedding dress veil and buttons and cufflinks that were my grandpa’s (both who have passed away) into my bouquet! 


I loved the flower girl bouquets because you added in little snowmen buttons. 


Also, you had colour matched everything to the dress and the tartan which was brilliant.” (The colors we used were: Blue, green, yellow, orange, purple and ivory/whites. The bouquets were a fun mix of colors. The tartan was very inspiring.) 


How did you come across RBK Creations? 

“I think I had seen the idea of button bouquets or material bouquets on Offbeat Bride. When I googled it, your Flickr page came up. From there, I found your Etsy Page and I fell in love with your stuff!” 


Thank you so much Kelda for sharing your big day with us. We wish both you and Callum the best! All of the photos were taken by Ecco Photography Thanks Ecco Photography for capturing the bouquets! The photos are all stunning! 

Make sure to check back on Monday for our weekend update. We have a lot in the works this weekend and there will be tons of photos.

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One Response to “A Real RBK Wedding – Kelda and Callum”

  1. Laura says:

    I was lucky enough to be one of Kelda and Callum’s bridesmaids and loved every minute of their special day. The bouquets were fabulous and mine now makes a very pretty (and often commented-upon) decorative piece on my window sill!