A Little About RBK Creations

We always ask so much about our brides and our customers to be able to create the best product for them. By getting a little of their personality, we get a feel for the style of their wedding. In this process we end up not sharing much about ourselves and our company. Over time I will share a little bit into our world full of buttons and about our life away from the buttons!

I had wanted to get this post up over lunch but I ended up heading to the pet store to buy some spoiled dogs their Dingo’s. Which is actually some of what I planned on writing about. The first ‘about us’ post will be about the furry critters that have become the RBK mascots. Now you may think the RBK Creations mascot would be a cat…while we have no cats. Instead there are three pups that roam around the studio and keep us company while we work away.

Let me introduce you to them!

Rascal is the oldest. He just turned 11 a few months ago. He is definitely my buddy. A good lap dog (when he wants to be).

In his old age he has become more calm but he has such a great personality. He can be found keeping my feet warm under my desk or every once in awhile sitting on my lap. Watch out though, when his hair gets too long and it is time for the groomer, he sure does get grouchy!

Next in line is Roxanne. She goes by Baby Girl though. She is definitely the little princess. The little girl also has the personality of a diva! Her way or the highway.

And then there is Remington. He goes by Remy. He is a chocolate schnauzer which is more rare than the salt and pepper variety. Since he is a special color he also thinks he is extra special. I have never seen a dog act the way he does. He is a human trapped in a little dog body.

It is a crazy trio but they make me smile every day! Here are a few more photos of the fur babies and their adventures. I recently bought a little digital camera that goes on Remy’s collar. It automatically takes photos. A dog’s eye view. So I am sure as time goes by there will be plenty more photos that Remy took himself!

Remy and Roxanne at Dog Bowl last year. He is such a photo creeper. They had a good time but were not very social with all the other dogs running around. Remy did like the band that was playing though. He would just sit and watch them play.

Rascal and Remy cuddle time! They may not act like friends during the day but at night their are best buds. This is a common sight in the studio! I think when Remy grows up he wants to be just like his big brother. Monkey see…monkey do.

And the last photo: There is nothing like lounging in the sun by some buttons! What a cutie!

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2 Responses to “A Little About RBK Creations”

  1. Erin says:

    Precious puppies! Remy needs to come to the office and play with “Election Cat”!

  2. Ariela says:

    Yes..yes he does! I think they would be good friends!