Tangelo and Fuschia Wedding

Most of the time we work with colors like blue, light green, soft or dark purple, yellow and white. We don’t see much in terms of bright pink and bright orange. When we get a chance to work with bright colors it is a lot of fun and a nice change of pace. We recently finished up an order in tangelo (bright orange) and fuschia (bright pink). I think I was smiling the whole time I was making the bouquets. I kept saying, “I just love these colors together!” It even made all the little scraps of fabric in the garbage look cute.

This wedding took place just this last weekend! It was a busy RBK Creations wedding weekend! We wish you the best Emma and I hope the day was everything you hoped for and more! Now on to some photos of the bouquets/decor. Like the Key West order, we were able to create some new items and play around with the design a bit.

L-R: The bride bouquet, it ended up getting some feathers added. It was truly whimsical and beautiful!
The bridesmaid bouquet, focus was on the pink.
The Jr. Bridesmaid Bouquet with a focus on orange.

We made 150 custom magnets. I think they turned out very cute!

On this order, we also mixed the materials used. While the bride and bridesmaid bouquets were satin, a few other pieces were felt.
This is the toss bouquet, the two flower girl bouquets were also made in felt. Once again, I can’t get over how cute the colors are together!

This is another great item we were able to create for her wedding. (Sorry for the bad photo, it is the only one I got of the bowtie and it is with my camera phone)
She wanted a pink bow tie for her father, but was unable to find one that matched the other items in her wedding. I was able to use the same satin from the bouquets for this bow tie.
It is a real bow tie, not a clip on or a pre-tied one. The bow tie was made by one of my co-workers, Erin. She has her own shop on Etsy, check it out, aBeachBreeze

I have become a very big fan of the pomander (kissing ball). They are so cute! These pomanders were used for aisle decoration at the ceremony.
They were then used as centerpieces for the cocktail hour tables. The pink/orange pomander was used at the kid’s table. Each pomander had button stems and some fun tulle accents.

It has been a very busy wedding month. Keep checking back for other June RBK Creation Brides! We will have some more orange bouquets, some yellow, a bunch of purple and lots more! To see the rest of the items from this wedding set, you can check out the flickr set here.

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