RBK Creations in BRIDES Magazine

I am very excited to announce that RBK Creations can be found in the latest issue of BRIDES Magazine (June 2010 Issue).

We sent in some bouquets back in February. It was a long wait to be able to announce this to everyone! We are so honored to be featured and with other great alternative bridal bouquet creators.

The bouquet in the magazine is the Purple Passion Bridesmaid Bouquet size. This bouquet actually sold a few weeks ago. Even though it sold, it can still be recreated. It can also be made in ANY color combination. It was one bouquet in a series of candy themed bouquets. There was a bright pink, red, citrus colors and then the purple.

The layout can be found on pages 214-215. Make sure to pick up a copy of the magazine and check out our shop!

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