Bouquet Feature – Daily Candy and KABC 7 LA

A little over a month ago I was contacted by Daily Candy. They were interested in featuring a few bouquets from the shop in an upcoming TV segment! How cool is that?!! One of the bouquets they were interested in was just a stock photo I had up for a custom listing. I had a pretty busy weekend schedule ahead but I knew I wanted to recreate it! I had just enough fabric on hand to make another. The week prior to this I had scored a big bag of vintage buttons. I decided to use a lot of these buttons in the bouquet to spice it up even more.

I met the deadline and got three bouquets shipped overnight to LA. The bouquets I sent were the Golden Girl Button Bouquet, A Rose is a Rose Bouquet and the newly created Spring Lilac Satin and Button Bouquet.

The segment was a feature on KABC 7 in Los Angeles. It was aired two times during the morning ABC news. A slide show and the video feature are also on the KABC website. You can view the video below.

You can also see the slideshow here.

It will be another busy weekend here at RBK Creations. We have some great wedding orders to finish up and some others to start. I will leave you with a teaser of an order in the works. Have a great weekend everyone!

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