Flowing Organza Bouquets!

I am getting a little better at this blogging thing! I am working out a schedule and trying to make things exciting enough to read. My life and all my time at the moment is spent in the studio creating but that can be boring to readers. So, I will try to keep the creation posts balanced out with other exciting things that are happening! The latest exciting thing is our recent shipment of buttons. We just received a lot of buttons in the mail yesterday. It is pretty sad that buttons are that exciting! (There are some pretty cool ones though, I will point them out as they get used in bouquets, ha)

Way back in September/October we created a few organza bouquets for a bridal show. The future design plans for the bouquets got set to the side when things picked up.

The only items we have been working on lately are custom orders. Not many other items are being created for the shop as it is prime wedding season. Luckily, we received an order for organza bouquets so it gave us a reason to create a set! We searched and searched for the perfect colors and found some amazing things!

The overall look of the wedding is elegant, whimsical, vintage, alice in wonderland theme! The color scheme is yellow, turquoise, white, ivory, light and dark grey. I love the colors and everything about them! The Bride’s Bouquet is in white and ivory. You can kind of see that in the photo. The lighting outside was gloomy and not the best that day. There are some fun buttons added in this bouquet as well to give it that extra sparkle.

The Bridesmaid bouquets will vary slightly. Two of the bouquets will have more yellow and two will have more turquoise. The one posted below has more yellow.

The next set of organza bouquets we will create will be very similiar but in white/ivory/seafoam green/light blue to go with the other beach wedding items. So excited to see how they turn out. Pictures will be posted of course.

I have also just finished a new type of bouquet. This bouquet is something that a customer requested so I had to take up the challenge. It involved about a month of searching high and low for the best supplies. I will be posting photos of this bouquet in the next week or so. I am in the works of getting some really super sweet pictures taken of it. Let’s just say it is super sparkly!

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2 Responses to “Flowing Organza Bouquets!”

  1. I LOVE the organza bouquets – remind me of ruffles which are so popular right now

  2. Ariela says:

    Thanks! They do look like ruffles! I didn’t even think of that! I also came up with a better carnation design than what I used for the giveaway. Sometimes things happen on accident and that was definitely one of them 🙂