Craft Show Prep

In a little less than a month I will be participating in a local craft show. This will be the second show I have ever done. I am very excited but at the same time extremely nervous. I don’t know how my product will relate to the average craft show attendee.

I have been working with a few people on table design since my last craft show was a disaster. The table was a cluster of everything and really messy. It was very last minute and the event got rained out anyway. So in the end it didn’t matter too much on the looks.

The event I will be a vendor at is the Altrusa Glitterati Boutique (you can join the Facebook group for more information, and if you are in the area come check it out!)

I had a few challenges to tackle for this show. The first was that I had to find a table. Since I am not an avid craft show vendor I don’t have tables available. Thanks to Sonja I have a table so I can mark that off my list! The second challenge was the whole table design. That is being worked out right now. It is coming together very well I think. Here is a teaser…astroturf! I will post pictures after the show and that will make more sense.

The next challenge deals with my cake and cupcake toppers. I really want to show potential customers that the stems can be used for this purpose. I have had a few custom orders but I think this idea can really take off. The event is at a synagogue and it is a kosher environment. We were told we couldn’t bring in any food. I am a very visual person so I wanted some way to showcase the cupcake toppers, which you need a cupcake for that purpose. Since I can’t bring any food in I decided to make a pretend cupcake. Check out the results!!

I think the cupcakes are super cute! (They are actual cupcake size) I will possibly be making 10 more, to fill a whole cupcake tree holder.

I have so much more to finish for the craft show. I will be posting more items soon that can be found at the event. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

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