Inspiration – Butterflies

I am sure a lot of you have seen the butterfly bouquet that has been posted on Martha Stewart’s wedding website. It was made by a bride and has received a lot of press. It is very beautiful (see picture below).

Picture from Martha Stewart Weddings (Laura Normandin wedding)

I love butterflies, and so does my mother, who helps out with RBK Creations. I found some butterflies on clearance a few weeks ago and bought them all. I have been wanting to make the butterfly bouquet since then but didn’t have any time to do it. We finally got a break in the orders enough to make our very own version of a butterfly bouquet.

This one was made by my mother, but I also have plans of my own to make one. It involves gold and silver butterflies so make sure to check the shop soon!

Here is the bouquet that is currently available in the shop!

A few detail shots
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