A mix of Buttons and Flowers

I received an email last week for a custom order. The bride liked the Secret Garden bouquet but wanted the purple to be periwinkle and to add daisies. I am never sure how mixing different mediums will end up in the end. I didn’t know how this one would work.

My first challenge, before mixing the daisies, was to figure out what color periwinkle actually is. I had a small 12 stem bouquet order awhile back that consisted of orange flowers and periwinkle buttons. I ended up finding a few buttons that kind of worked. It wasn’t the best match but I was able to mix in some other colors to cancel out my lack of periwinkle buttons.
This time around I thought I would dye my own, using a paint sample I found to match the color. I threw in one button and it turned out the right color. I was shocked! So I put in a bag full of assorted size buttons. I stir, stir, mix, mix and pull them out. They turned out PURPLE! Not sure how that happened when the first one was a periwinkle blue.
So, I tried again. This time I got pretty close. I ended up just going with it to avoid wasting buttons. I sent some pictures to the client and she really liked how they turned out.
I put the bouquet together, daisies and all and it went a lot smoother than expected. Check out the pictures.

I sent pictures for approval before I started working on the other pieces for the order…and…She LOVED it! It was a big relief to hear that she loves it and it is exactly what she wanted! It really made my day!
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